Ben RumneyAdvanced Research Assistant

Ben is an Advanced Research Assistant based at Sanger, who works between the Haniffa Lab and the core Spatial Genomics Platform (SGP). He mainly specialises in carrying out the spatial transcriptomic technique Visium, including the processing and sectioning of tissue. He also helps out in the technical advising and logistical planning of the experiments.

Ben graduated with a degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology from the University of Bath and did his PhD at Cardiff University. Ben has relevant experience in histology, qPCR and general molecular biology techniques. He joined the Haniffa Lab in 2022.

For his work with the Haniffa Lab he is currently focused on contributing to several skin projects, including the NIHR Beaconomics project looking at the effect of various eczema drugs on skin and a paediatric CZI study understanding differences in skin across various, especially underrepresented ethnic groups. Outside of his projects in the Haniffa Lab, he works with a wide range of tissues through the SGP, including both human and non-human.