Daniel MaunderNIHR BRC funded PhD Student

Dan is currently nearing completion of his PhD investigating the role of Langhans-type giant cells in the aetiology of the most common form of vasculitis in adults; giant-cell arteritis (GCA). At present, treatment for GCA most often comprises high-dose steroids; which have considerable side effects and may be unsuitable for some patients. Therefore an improved understanding of mechanisms of disease which may lead the way to novel therapeutics would be most welcome.

Dan received his BSc in Neuroscience at the University of Nottingham. This was following by an attachment in the laboratory of Professor Rajat Singh, which inspired Dan to undertake an MRes at Newcastle University. During this time Dan developed an interest in immunology and aging, which he now combines in his NIHR-BRC funded PhD. Dan is a co-author on publications in Nature and has presented his work in both regional and national meetings; including, the North East postgraduate conference and British Society of Rheumatology.