Johanna StroblVisiting Researcher

Dr Johanna Strobl is a visiting clinician scientist investigating memory formation in human Lyme disease using single cell ‘omics profiling. She also works on epigenetic T cell memory in allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation.

Johanna completed her MD at the University of Washington and the Medical University of Vienna in 2015 followed by clinical training in dermatology. In 2020, she received her PhD in Immunology from the Medical University of Vienna studying skin-resident memory T cells. During her post-doc at the Stary Lab in Vienna she investigated skin T cell migration in the context of Graft-versus-host disease.

Much like her favorite cell type, the tissue-resident memory T cell, she possesses some dendritic capacity as a licensed yoga teacher. She also enjoys cooking while listening to sociopolitical podcasts, and traveling with her partner.