Justin EngelbertResearch Assistant

Justin Engelbert is a Research Assistant in the Haniffa Lab. He is involved in a variety of HCA projects by coordinating the receipt of samples and processing fresh tissues for analysis. He assists with the single cell genomics work using his accomplished skills in molecular biology. Justin is also an important connection between the lab and our external collaborators.

Justin is originally from Seattle but completed his BSc degree in Biomedical Sciences at Newcastle University. Using his lab skills and knowledge learned from his degree, Justin is currently constructing a pipeline for spatial genomics, something which he is very interested in. He also hopes to expand on his cell culture experience by being involved with the development of organoid systems.

In his spare time, Justin is a big fan of cooking meals in the kitchen and baking treats for his friends and family (much to the lab’s delight!). He is particularly proud of his home made sourdough bread!