Michael MatherAction Medical Research Clinical Fellow

Michael is a Clinical Fellow in Otolaryngology, undertaking his PhD with the Haniffa Lab funded by Action Medical Research. Michael’s research focus is the immunology of ear infections. Most children will have at least one ear infection in their first few years – typically at very young ages. In some cases, infections are recurrent and can result in hearing loss due to fluid build-up behind the ear drum, which can cause problems with development and learning so surgery is commonly necessary.

Michael aims to improve understanding of this fluid build-up, about which little is known, by analysing the immune cells found in adenoids. Michael also plans to develop an in vitro model of ear infection to facilitate the study of this process, which may lead to the development of new treatments reducing the need for surgery.

Michael spends some of his spare time in his greenhouse, defying the North-East weather & growing his own fruit and veg.