Haniffa Lab

Based at the Wellcome Sanger Institute and Newcastle University Biosciences Institute, we apply disruptive techniques to understand how the immune system develops and maintains health

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Aims & Values

We apply disruptive omics technologies to study the human cells at single-cell resolution. We leverage advanced computational methods to understand how the immune system develops and maintains health, and study the consequences of infection, inflammation and disease.

Strength through diversity.

We're a diverse lab consisting of clinicians, researchers and students from across the globe.

Reproducible science.

Data and analysis code from our publications are publicly available through our website.

Advocating team science.

We advocate team science within a supportive and collaborative research environment.

Inclusion and innovation.

We work hard to create a fun, inclusive training environment for all researchers and students.

Research Interests

Public Engagement

We explore ways of engaging the public and scientific community with our work, to generate understanding and purpose in our research.

Cell Atlas Software

Web app data explorer

For analysis and exploration of single cell RNA sequencing transcriptomics data

Single cell transcriptomics

Visual exploration of the expression of genes at the single-cell resolution

The Team